Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1068 Steps!

I meant to take the dogs on a nice leisurely stroll but ended up going straight up!  Backstory: There is this building perched on the top of the mountain behind our apartment that you can see from our neighborhood.  I would say that the main question we have is usually along the lines of  "Do you think that is the school for wizards or mutants?" (I will try and take a picture of it tonight if it is clear out and post it.)  The other day we discovered a staircase by a big church and today, I randomly followed it.  HOLY STAIRCASE!  My legs are now jello and I think Strider is even tired.  I went all the way to the top to a town called Glion.  Apparently the school for wizards/mutants is actually a super fancy school for higher learning....so who knows, maybe we are right!  On the way down...when I was regretting my decision to go up in the first place...I ran into this super cool swiss man who humbled me greatly by telling me he does it everyday!  He also told me that from my apartment to the top, I walked up 1068 stairs and almost 900 feet of elevation change. 

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