Sunday, March 25, 2012

Josh's birthday....

So it is always hard to follow a St. Patricks day celebration because there is always a group of lively people looking for a good time on the 17th.

We did however maintain a healthy respect for beer and endeavored in a mini brew tour in Lausanne- the town where I work in ( yes- it is actually Nicole posting the blog). It's about a 20 min train ride from Montreux.

The celebration was a day early for one main reason. Josh wanted to see Hunger Games for his big day - and yes, his desire to see a PG13 movie based on a teen novel on his 32 birthday only further proves that age is nothing but a number. Given that we are in the Suisse Romand part of switzerland (translation: French speaking), the Hunger games is only shown in English once a day- three times a week. Basically- it was Saturday or bust.

We started the festivities by hitting up 3 brew pubs:

The first was a Belgium spot that featured all Belgium beers. good beer, but the standard hoogarden, Trappist....the name was Bruxelles
Second stop is a place that makes it's own beer. They actually had an IPA on tap that received approval from Mr. Ayers. Although, he did have some advice to improve the clarity of the beer. This place has a great vibe, great beer and offensively bad food. Name: brassiere aux chateaux.
Third place was sort of a chain, but they had a sampler tray for beer- so I give it a thumbs up. Not to mention my hamburger came with guacamole!

The grand finale for the night was the movie. It was like they rounded up all the anglophones ( and oddly enough a group of about 30 Spanish teenage girls , who were very vocal admirers of Gayle) and put them in one single theater.
The movie was actually quite good and if you read the book you will not feel betrayed. If you have not read the book- you will probably still like it.

All in all it was a good day. On sunday, after the day of celebration, we did long long hike that started and ended with the 1013 steps Josh blogged about. Success.
Happy birthday Josh.


  1. Thanks Love! I had a great birthday weekend!

  2. You know I would have gone for sure!