Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prague, Amsterdam, and London

The Holiday Tour has officially come to a close.  I am going to give a quick synopsis of each place since we are about to once again head out on a trip: Three cities in 10 days starting with Prague.  We took about 90 percent of all our photos in this city because it was so breathtaking (from the beauty and the cold!).  Which was the only setback....the damn cold....not the warmest place to visit in the winter time but worth it for all you Christmas lovers out there.  The Holiday Market had great food and looked just as beautiful in the daytime as it did at night.  As usual we walked several miles each day and were able to see a ton of the city (even though there were some numb feet most of the time). We went to a very depressing Franz Kafka museum but I would probably recommend it nonetheless. I think he was the original "over" everything.  After spending a few days wandering Prague and marveling at its beauty we moved on to Amsterdam for a NYE extravaganza.  The weather was once again not in our favor and we spent the next three nights cold and wet at some point.  We had a great flat in the city that was great to come home to and really gave us the feeling of living there. We got to shop in local markets, visit a great museum with Van Gogh's galore, and visit the Anne Frank House. We were also able to introduce Alicia to Ethiopian food (which is now one of her new favorites).  Thanks to my not so brilliant idea we did the Heinekin Experience. 18 Euros a person to basically be brainwashed into thinking that it is the best beer in the world.  London was warm and sunny! hahahha yeah right...of course it was cold and rainy there as well. I didn't mind it there so much because there are so many great pubs to try.  We were able to meet up with some of Nicole and Alicia's family which was a blast.  We spent a great afternoon cozied up in an old pub chatting and doing non verbal reasoning puzzles with an eight year old....don't ask.  I was a little under the weather so I did not give london my time it won't get off so easy.  Happy Holidays everyone, I hope all of you had as good a year as I did.  Bring it on 2013! 

 idea how to say it but these things are delicious!  I would describe it as pretzl meets donut cooked over an open flame and then rolled in sugar.  Talked me into it!

Cool Micro-Brewery in Prague



No Crap on Tap!  I love London!