Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Edinburgh...A Whisky Experience!

Scotland is so amazing...can I move there?  Nicole had a rough couple of weeks with work leading up to this trip, so she was ready for some serious downtime.  Sometimes the "downtime" trips are my agenda, no museums, no fine dining.....simple.....just walk around stopping into different pubs sampling amazing whiskies and beers while soaking in the local culture.  And that is all we did for three days, it was perfect.  Hmm...did I say sometimes..... Anyway, we stayed at a wonderful B&B called Ben Cruachen. They had the full on Scottish breakfast every morning that was delicious. The rooms were also great, I would definitely recommend staying there.  We did actually try something different one evening and bought tickets for a absolutely horrible "murder/mystery" tour.  We were hesitant about it to begin with but thought we would try it.  Mistake....not enough whisky in the world to make that thing worth it.  We ended up ditching 3/4's of the way through it!  In between the eating, drinking, and general tomfoolery (who knew tomfoolery was one word?), we also got some shopping in.  I got a cool coat and Nicole had one of her favorite shopping experiences ever at a small boutique.  The two women that worked there decided that they were in love with Nicole and soon had her playing "dress up."  I didn't even mind that it took so long because the three of them were having way too much fun.  Overall great trip, I can't wait to go back and see more of the country.  That is another country to check off the list.  Just since arriving in Switzerland, this is our tenth different country we have Visited!  Next stop, Madrid with Alicia, who will be in the middle of her around the world tour!

A ride about whisky....this is what being a tourist is all about.

Largest collection of Whiskey Bottles in the world.

The biggest bottle of Whiskey in the world.

This is the bathroom door....imagine how confusing after a few glasses of whiskey.
Who doesn't need scotch flavored condoms?
Nothing like a challenging few games of Connect Four with some delicious beer before lunch.
Great bar....delicious IPA on tap, fish and chips, and the best of the Doors disc on in the background.  Talked me into it!
The begining to our and a flight of Islay Malt Whiskey.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nicole's Half Marathon

Nicole did her half marathon in the Italian part of Switzerland this year.  This is supposedly a beautiful area, but all we saw were clouds and rain!  It did not stop raining for one second as she ran her way to a 1:55 minute time.  You are one tough woman! 
Getting the volume just right.
View from my hotel room as Nicole was running in the rain.
Post run meal!