Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long Dog Walk....yes this is the life of a House Husband!

While Nicole was hard at and the dogs went for a nice long walk down to Lake Geneva.  These are the pictures I took in the attempt to capture our afternoon.  We walked about 4 or 5 miles and went from old town Montreux, past vineyards, along the boardwalk of the lake, and ended up at a 13th century castle "Chateau de Chillon."  The whole walk pretty much went without a hitch, minus the part where we had to go in a tunnel that took us under railroad tracks.  Strider firmly believed that I was attempting to drop him down into the pits of hell and was not ready to go....needless to say after 5 minutes of swiss construction workers laughing at me, I was finally able to force him into "the pits" and cross the 20 ft. tunnel.  Much to Strider's surprise...we made it out alive and were able to continue on our beautiful walk. 

View of Montreux from the castle....we live up the hill behind the tower.

Strider extremely happy to be alive after surviving the tunnel!
The Majestic Strider of Montreux
Baron and Strider's first dip in Switzerland. 
Some estate with snow capped mountain in the background.
Chateau de Chillon
It's no squirrel...but Strider and Baron were just as interested!
Lake Geneva with the Alps in the background.
Another picture of the street we live on.  Our apartment is on the right.
Small Vineyard.
Chateau de Chillon
Our street....don't know the biker man.
The water in the lake is super clear!
The water was a little cold for Strider, but  Baron refused to get out!


  1. I am so happy to see you guys are having fun, and the boys are adjusting well! give them some smooches from me send me your address please and I will make some special treats for them! xoxoxoxxo