Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nicole's Birthday and St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

(The following actually posted by Josh) We had a very full day. We started with a long, very scenic run. I would say this was enjoyable minus the part where we barely made it up a quarter mile hill! At one point Strider was walking next to me jogging and still out in front! We had breakfast (see previous post) and started getting ready to catch a train and head to Fribourg, a swiss city that is on the border of the French/German part of Switzerland.  Before we caught the train, we stopped at a little swiss bar next to our apartmet for our first beer of the day.  I had a white ale and Nicole had a Blonde ale, both very good.  We jumped on the train, and after switching trains in Lausanne, we were on the second deck of a very crowed train for the remainder of the trip.  I was, of course, sweating profusely while everyone around me seemed to be perfectly fine with the temperature...wonderful....By the time we reached Fribourg, both of us had to use the bathroom super bad.  Now...I can honestly say that this train station was not the cleanest place I have ever been so we were immediately not excited about the prospects of what their public restrooms had to offer.  I will spare all of you the long story, so in short: three weird old men doing something that I don't even want to know about at the urinals and, much to Nicole's dismay, a women's bathroom that required 1 franc (that we did not have) to use.   Moving on......We arrived at Paddy Reilly's for our first Guinness of the day, DELICIOUS....and we're back in the game! It was still early so we decided to do some exploring.  After a walk down what we dubbed "Shady Row," a place both of us decided would be best to avoid after dark, we came to Old Towne Fribourg.  This area was very picturesque and cool to just walk around in with a bunch of shops and restaurants that looked amazing. (We can't wait to go back for a good dinner sometime)  After a couple hours and a beer or two later, we ended up at this amazing bridge with a stair case that went to the top....I would have been perfectly fine noting the bridge..give a couple oohs and awwws and move on.  Nicole, of course, had to "conquer" the up we went!  Finally back to Paddy Reilly's for way way too much whiskey and beer! The Ireland/England rugby match made for quit the raucous crowd!  Our pre packaged frozen hamburger was disgusting but only cost 20 francs a peice (note the sarcasm)....but the atmosphere was everything we could have asked for on St. Patrick's Day! 

Happy Birthday Love, I hope you had as much fun as I did!  I can't wait to experience our next St. Patrick's Day adventure together! 

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