Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Oktoberfest in Munich..... Oh how I have dreamt of this day.  The anticipation, the buildup, the preparation all finally coming to fruition. Oktoberfest was finally here.  Up at 6 am with Nicole, Nina and Aspen (all looking amazing in traditional garb) to go wait in line at the Augustiner Tent.  It was a chilly, rainy morning but nothing could dampen our spirits (not even my hangover from the night before).  We waited in a "euro" line (no rhyme, reason, or even a basic understanding of what being in a line is indicative of) from 7 AM to 9 AM.  At around 9 they began letting people in.  Stampede!!  I felt like a cow in the middle of a giant herd being pushed through a tiny gate in a coral.  Eventually we got in....we were in.....thank you beer gods we were in!  Nina was able to work some of her Oktoberfest Queen magic and found us some seats.  Now...only three more hours until our first beer.  Oh the agony!  JUST GIVE ME A BEER ALREADY! Eventually the keg tapping ceremony began with a small parade around the tent. Then the first keg was tapped!  The women carrying absurd amounts of giant beer steins full of frosty brew began filing throughout the tent.  I felt like I was a kid that inherently didn't believe in Santa Claus only to discover that he is indeed real and was about drop worldly gifts down my chimney.  The wait was finally over and I must say it was worth every minute.  Needless to say there was chugging, cheersing, singing, and standing on tables for hours on end. The detailed story obviously continues but after the third liter things start to get a little fuzzy. Easily the best drinking atmosphere I have ever experienced. Enjoy the pics. Thanks to my beautiful wife, Aspen, and Nina for helping make this day one I will never forget!