Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mini Cooper Sport!

I can't believe this is my car! We picked it up yesterday. This thing is physical proof that my wife really really loves me! It was not exactly what the "ever practical" Nicole had in mind when we started looking for a vehicle. We were in the market for a four dour, affordable, gas efficient vehicle that will simply get us from point a to b....And then i saw this car....we get some of the things on the list and we get from point a to b a little bit faster. This thing feels like I'm driving a turbo charged go-cart! Please note the red leather interior. Mason and I are now referring to it as the Rick James edition. One negative about this car...I suddenly feel like I was destined to be a getaway driver. I will now park backwards for a quick escape and ramp out of the parking lot whenever I feel it is necessary.

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