Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Venice (Sorry, no catchy title for this one!)

Venice is an experience from the time you get off the plane until it is time to get back on.  It is absolutely a place where everybody should see at least once.  It's a small city, and makes for a perfect and easy two night trip so there is really no excuse not to go if you are in Europe.  I would definately recommend April, there were still a lot of tourists and it was a little rainy but, all in all, I can't imagine a better time to go.  We began this latest installment of our Eupean Adventures on the decision to take the water bus instead of the water taxi. (this was purely a monetary decision, 32 Euros vs. 110 Euros)  Nicole was in for an immediate suprise when she discoved that the dock that we were waiting for the bus on was not actually the bus itself.  If you don't like rocking while being squashed below deck with 30 other people for an hour, I recommend springing for the taxi. (Mason, Mel, Nick etc..)  We also made the rookie mistake of letting our bags be left up top once we were on.  The whole trip we watched every single person get off making sure that they didn't have our bag with them! Of course nothing happened, so maybe we are just paranoid..."do not try and trick me gypsy!" That being said, it was definately cool arriving to the Grand Canal and getting our first glimpse of the city out the windows of the boat.  We stayed in a really cool boutique hotel that was perfectly located and allowed us to pretty much walk the entire city in two days. (Yesss! Not a hostel, our own bathroom, no "blue light bridges," no roomates....I think our travel planning is improving!) The first night was low key, nice dinner and plenty of wine.  When we were walking around we noticed all of these platforms or planks sitting around, some set up and some not.  We couldn't figure out what they were for and thought they were for a festival or something. That evening when walking back to our hotel we discovered why....the tide came in.  It took a few round about ways and platform walking but made it back without getting our shoes wet. The main reason why everyone should try and see venice: it probably won't be around for long....Nicole mentioned that "it is about two icebergs away from dissapearing!" Just part of the experience.  We saw a few really great museums and churches including a Klimt exhibit that was amazing.  Everything basically went without a hitch, which unfortunately, makes for a pretty dry blog. Lots of great pictures though.  I did crush the rest of a "wounded soldier" bottle of wine at 9 am on one of the mornings just to keep it real.  Peace out readers, we are headed to Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday. 
Water Bus

The Grand Canal

Ca' Pagan Lobby

The Red Velvet Room

Looking out the window of our room.

Nicole being a super dork!

Sometimes you just have to get a little captain in you.
Palazzo Grassi at Night. Yes, that is the city flooding because the tide is coming in!

Palazzo Grassi

My favorite meal of the Trip, pizza and a jug of wine.
Nicole on our 50 centiemes gondola ride across the canal.

Everyone was trying to get these flying rats to eat out of their hands so Nicole was of course disgusted.  Mason might have enjoyed it. 
Utilizing my map reading abilities.

Nicole thought this was a really creepy picture, like something that should be on the cover of a murder mystery. It was probably close to 2 am when we took it. 
Fashion Panties with paw prints and a tail...I should have bought them.

This is how we left Venice...Nicole napping as usual on our way home. 

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