Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally - Home Sweet Flat

We finally had all of furniture delivered on Thursday.  It was a bitter sweet gift.  On the good side we finally had all our comforts of home.  On the bad side, we had to find a place for ALL our comforts of home.  It was a whirlwind of unpacking and we were aided by an amazing and very american gangster rap from the best internet radio station ever (Smooth Beats Hip Hop - which is smooth only if you consider 4 letter words and Method Man and Redman smooth.  The name is obviously a misnomer), some good ol' Jack Daniels, and lots of patience. Excuse the run-on.

By today (Sunday), we are completely unpacked and have only to hang our various R. Akporiaye works of art and various other sundries on the walls. 

Below are some pictures of the house or flat for those of you who want to be Euro-authentic.  Those out there slotted to visit us - now you can day dream about the actual room you will be staying in. The pictures don't do the view justice.
View From the Dinning Room /Kitchen
Dinning Room - where we eat Josh's delicious creations
Guest Room - Better view than a hotel and way cheaper (free 99)
Guest Room View - Seriously, and it's cloudy.....

Entryway and Strider saying S'up.
Living Room

Living Room View
The Famous Parlor -moves to Switzerland
Teaser alert: If you enjoyed our Nice blog, the next trip is Venice.  We leave next weekend so be prepared for another adventure in the lives of Josh and Nicole.  

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