Sunday, April 13, 2014

Riga (Catch up from August 2013)

Well...I completely fell out of my blog writing since our Greece trip.  I am just about to finish Indonesia and I thought I should do a quick catch up story of Riga, Latvia: We actually had a lot of fun there. We caught a little bit of grief for going from some of our friends because it is mainly known as nothing but a Bachelor/Bachelorette destination. But hey...when has a party ever stopped us before? It turned out to be a very interesting trip. The city was occupied by Russia all the way until the early 90's. With such a short period of time to come into their own as a culture, they have done a great job remembering the past while trying to move on in their own direction. The history of the area was incredible. Oh yeah...and pretty blonde women as far as the eye can see. That pretty much sums Riga up.


There were many people taking what appeared to be "profile" pictures throughout the city....which we found hilarious.
One of our personal one point she was crawling around the fountain.

We couldn't resist trying our own.

Tiger roar!

We had the absolute worst glass of wine here!


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