Thursday, May 16, 2013


 Dear Italy,
How do I love thee, let me count the ways.   Ummm...never mind, there are just to many..  We had a pretty typical Tuscan weekend that is commonplace throughout the region.  You know nothing out of the ordinary, just things like absolutely mind blowing food, museums with works done by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, etc... and of course delicious wines from the great sangiovese grape that pair so perfectly with the cuisine.  Italy just doesn't surprise me anymore...basically holiday heaven.  There were, however, a few things that really stood out to me that set Florence apart:  a) The, thought I was in College Town, USA.  There must be a huge study abroad program or something because I have not seen or heard some many young Americans since leaving the States.  Normally this might have been annoying, but Nicole and I began embracing it and subsequently started eavesdropping in order to hear great college sayings.  After walking away from the Duomo or some amazing piazza with statues done by Michelangelo you might here something along the lines of  "OMG...that fresh!"  b)  The shopping deals....great place to buy anything leather at a very good price.....and  3) will never do this justice.  It is hands down the greatest sculpture I have seen and most like will ever see.  First of all, the thing is gigantic! The sheer scale with that amount of detail and precision is absolutely incredible to behold in real life.  You stare at it and begin to think he is breathing.  At any moment he is going to shrug his shoulders and walk off the pedestal like he just got tired of standing there.  I couldn't stop....just fantastic!  Florence is a perfect place to spend the weekend, can't wait to go back.  I am cutting this short because we are just about to leave for some more Italy....Cinque Terre here we come!  
Best Florentine Steak Ever!
Picture of me enjoying the best Florentine Steak ever!

Fountain that I call "fat man riding little turtle"

The dirty bell tower Nicole made us climb....I'm telling you the girl just cannot pass up a chalenge!

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